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Since our founding in 1967, Applied Technical 服务 (ATS) has become one of the leading NDT companies in North America. 我们的波特兰, OR branch office specializes in Nondestructive 测试 in 纸浆和纸张, 化工厂, 建设 Sites and the Utilities Industry.
Boiler Inspection 服务

快, cost effective boiler surveys are performed by highly trained, experienced personnel using state of the art ultrasonic data loggers. Liquid penetrant inspection of composite tube material is performed to identify damaged areas, while non-ferrous coating surveys determine the overall thickness of the composite material. On-site computerized reporting is provided to give you quick, accurate results. Data analysis, trending and forecasting are also available.

On-site services include 射线照相法, magnetic particle, copper sulfate and visual examinations. 另外, we can offer Digital Radiography services, which eliminate typical “shoot windows” and allow all contractors to remain working while 射线照相法 ensues. This provides “near” instant results, enhanced productivity and greatly reduced outage time.

Paper Machine 检查
ATS uses fully automated thickness 爬虫 capable of on-line velocity adjustments to compensate for changes in acoustical properties inherent in the casting process. This allows for an accurate thickness scan across the full length of a dryer can.
Internal visual examination of paper machine dryers is one of the most efficient and effective methods of inspection. 在一次 目视检查, the condition of internal components along with areas of shell thinning and grooving can be determined.
Magnetic particle inspection of the heads and journals of paper machine dryers, along with ultrasonic soundness inspection of the bolts is performed to find minor defects before they become major problems.
建设 服务
我们的波特兰 office has inspectors trained and certified to perform the following types of visual weld inspections:
Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Piping Systems
Through the use of automated ultrasonic thickness 爬虫, continuous thickness scans can be performed on the shell of carbon steel tanks and vessels, as well as piping systems. This inspection data is presented in a graphical format that can include minimum wall thickness calculations in accordance with a variety of standards such as api - 653. ATS employs an experienced staff of API -653, api - 510, api - 570 certified inspectors.
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