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25275 Budde Road (Suite 5),
Spring, TX 77380
Local Office Number: 832-585-1239
Our Consulting engineering department provides a wide range of services to all 行业. Through good engineering practice 和 h和s-on practical problem solving, we help clients reduce risk 和 cut cost. We accomplish this by assessing existing equipment 和 designing repairs 和 retrofits while focusing on safety 和 economics.
List of 服务: 休斯顿,德克萨斯州 Location
Commercial 服务
St和ard- 和 code-compliant building maintenance technology helps in maintaining personnel safety, accident prevention, 和 protection for real estate investments. Our commercial services ensure that clients receive timely, cost-effective solutions for their commercial engineering needs. ATS offers design, 安装, 检查, 认证, 和 load testing services for various systems 和 projects, such as roof anchor systems. We can assist clients with OSHA, ASME, ANSI, 和 IWCA compliance concerns using decades of experience to provide the best services possible.
Lightning Protection
As tall structures, buildings are at risk of lightning strikes. Lightning protection systems can mitigate risks to buildings, 数据系统, 和 other mechanical 和 electrical equipment. NFPA 和 UL st和ards recommend annual 检查s for lightning protection systems, as well as additional 检查s following system modifications. ATS helps clients evaluate their systems 和 prioritize safety for their structures.
Parking Structure 评估
ATS assesses the structural integrity of parking structures using several methodologies, from simple visual 检查s to complex forensic investigations. Our experts have extensive experience evaluating concrete sealer, 联合修复, damaged structural members, expansion joints, 和 other key factors for a stable structure with a waterproof envelope. We help clients develop repair plans 和 prioritize necessary repairs. We tailor our services to the particular needs of each structure, developing a scope of work that addresses everything from foundation distress to component fatigue.
Qualified Personnel
Our team of industry experts includes registered professional engineers, certified welding inspectors, 和 certified NDE technicians. Our h和s-on field professionals have expertise in project oversight 和 commissioning, 交钥匙设计, 和 a litany of other services that meet the challenges of even the most complex building designs. Whether clients need fall protection, parking structure evaluation, 立面访问, lightning protection, or other commercial services, ATS可以帮助.

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